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Walker Clark (Zillow) says

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October 2018

I just want to say how amazingly grateful I am for Matt and Michelle Kolker and the rest of their team. I’m astounded at the level of service and commitment to excellence that they’ve had while doing both my real estate transactions. They helped me buy and sell my places in Southern California and  I have to say that the attention to detail was amazing.

Michelle Kolker, she absolutely cares very much about how the place looks, they told me that I needed to paint and carpet and they were completely right because we had two offers within the first 24 hours. So I’m really, really, extremely happy with everything they’ve done. And Matt is incredible. He took so much time helping me buy. We saw SO many places, and I am pretty picky when it comes to seeing a lot of places. He pulled the right comps and properties according to what I really wanted, my taste, and he even made some suggestions which ended up being correct, about maybe being what I MIGHT like, even though I didn’t think off the top of my head that I would. So I was very grateful for that.

I have a lot of ease knowing that Michelle is an Attorney and she was overseeing all the contracts and making sure that everything was done correctly. I felt really protected. And knowing that Matt had so many years of experience, I just kinda let them do their thing. I bought and sold really quickly (way more than I paid for the property). Thanks a lot guys, I will ABSOLUTELY be using you in the future.

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