This idea started brewing mid 2016. We need an intern. Of course we do, we are busy, papers are piling up and there’s so much to do! We need someone to do all the things we don’t have time for (which usually ends up being code for “things we don’t MAKE time for or don’t like doing”). Matt took charge by replying to a post from a local high school about students in need of a professional experience. Within a week we had an appointment for an intern and a list of tasks to get started on right away!


Darrin Kauhi met with Matt and myself one afternoon at our Santaluz office. We were excited. Maybe I was TOO excited, because for me, this was the opportunity of a lifetime to accomplish all the ideas floating in my marketing brain!

Darrin is a cool kid. A little surfer vibe, a little street vibe.  His project was to shadow a business or person for 10 hours over the course of a couple months and report back to his class. He talked about real estate investing and how he could see it being a great career for him and a family member to partner together. Matt and I talked about how interesting real estate can be and how our team is different than others and why.

In my experience job shadowing at Kolker Real Estate Group, I have learned mainly that a lot more goes into real estate then I thought. I’ve learned that there is a lot more that meets the eye than just selling property and also that most of the work here is having good relation with your customers.



We quickly realized that we had more ideas than Darrin had hours! He is a creative mind, he likes photography and has a fantastic personality, but with a limited schedule and no car to go to and from, we couldn’t send him on the community excursions we had envisioned. Once we streamlined the workflow, Darrin was able to help us file new home construction paperwork, subtitle videos on YouTube and look up community events in 92127.


It’s the people in your business that make it worth it, without them, you don’t have much! It’s always amazing to see the friendships that form when you work closely with someone. Many of our clients are friends and many of our friends have been clients. We can now add Darrin to the long list of amazing people that we have been able to grow with along the way. He was able to get a glimpse of what “real estate” means to Team Kolker, and we were able to see a hard-working and determined young man finding his way in the world.

If your clients do not feel you have their best interest, your trust, and your determination to get them the best deal you can, then the customer is not going to work with you. If you have good customer service, they will tell their friends and their friends will come to you because they trust their friend, (creating you more customers). It is all about customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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