Staging – not just about making sure the home is repaired and tidy, although that is part of it. Staging is about appealing to the people with design, aesthetic, placement and presence. Our staging process starts are the very beginning and is an integral part of our business. (We currently are exclusively working with the amazing Teresa Rutherford from The Sellable Home.)

Rather, it’s about optimizing the look and feel of your home to swiftly sell it – and for more money!


As a seller, there are three main questions:

  1. What do buyers care about when looking for a home?
  2. What do people want to see?
  3. How do people feel when they are in my home?

A Procter & Gamble study indicated the five most important factors for a buyer’s first impressions of a home’s interior were:

  1. Cleanliness, clutter and odor (35%)
  2. Décor (21%)
  3. Lighting (16%)
  4. Floor plan (15%)
  5. Rooms (13%)



PS – The home staging is FREE for the seller!

A staging consultation is scheduled as soon as we begin to work on a home sale. The stager is able to come into the home and offer the most effective and economical options for the seller. Once the list is completed and reviewed, a final suggestion is proposed and a timeline is presented. Team Kolker also works with a network of trusted contractors and vendors to make this an easy and timely process.

  • Curb Appeal – the first impression when pulling up to a home (or even seeing photos!) is what’s outside. Small repairs, paint and plants go a long way.
  • Declutter – put away almost everything. Shoes, mail, dishes, the garbage can… although it might be functional, it’s hard for buyers to see past items like this.
  • Neutralize odors –Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. People can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50% after three months. All the more reason to have subtle favorable scents lingering on buyers minds instead of that amazing garlic dish you had for dinner the night before.
  • De-personalize – Personal items are distracting to buyers when they are trying to visualize the home as their own.
  • Reimagine and rearrange – From painting to repairs to decorating, this is a crucial factor for allowing potential buyers to visualize how they can utilize and enjoy the space once they move in.



Some homes obviously need a little more love and dedication than others, but the presentation speaks for itself. This is why it’s a team effort between renovations, staging, photography and marketing magic to make a home desirable.



  • Professionally staged homes spend 90% less time on the market
  • Buyers form an opinion about your home in 7-10 seconds
  • The return on investment of professional home staging is from 100-500%


We want to have your home sell quickly and for the best price. Staging is a necessary part of this process and we are happy to make it the most efficient process possible. Contact us for a free home evaluation today!


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