Can you believe it? There really is no cost difference between having an agent or using only a builder representative. You essentially get two people helping you (or more in our case!) for the price of one. The cost difference between working directly with a representative or working with an agent is simple: ZERO.



Let us be the first to say, the reps at the new construction homes we’ve assisted buyers at are wonderful, however, it is their job to sell their inventory. They talk to many people every day, helping those who buy through the process, but we are here just for you  We make sure your best interest is represented at all times.



We have extensive experience with new construction (we even bought one ourself this past year!) and have been able to negotiate significant benefits to our buyers. The process is very different than a resale home, and we help you through it.

  • Educate and negotiate: Not all lots are created equal. It’s helpful to know the reputation of the builders in the area and understand the community they are building. There are also many features in new construction communities we are aware of that may add value to your home and help the return on investment during a resale.


  • Call my lawyer! Michelle is an Attorney, and it’s not just a fancy title, it is a set of skills that brings you peace of mind when negotiating and understanding contracts.


  • Your time is valuable: Our office is close to some of the most popular new home construction communities in San Diego. Auberge 55+, Avondale, Preston, Stratford, Kingston, The Estates, Corzano, Toscana, Trevino, and more! We are able to get you answers quickly to save you time.


  • Local Yokels: The Kolkers are San Diego natives and currently live in Del Sur. This means insider news on events, places of interest, construction, plus other burning questions like what time the pools and gyms are least occupied.


  • Let me recommend someone… We have extensive vendor lists and resources available to help you build, clear, clean and customize anything pertaining to your home life.


  • Did we mention there’s no fee? We just want to get you the best home for your lifestyle, oh yeah, and we really like touring the model homes too… we get some our best decorating ideas from them!



Now that you know how awesome it is to work with a Realtor®, let us give you the first class service you deserve. The most important requirement is that we take you through your first walk through of a community and register you your realtor of record. This way we can establish a relationship with the representatives available and help answer as many questions as possible. After our initial walk through you can go back with or without us as many times as you like.

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