Design39Campus did more than revolutionize traditional education and the internal structure of a school:  it has similarly impacted WHEN homeowners look for new homes.

Traditionally, we see a rise in inventory in February & March, in anticipation of families moving during the summer when school is out or in order to register at a new desired school on time.  Inventory peaks mid summer, then drops off in the late fall, as homeowners focus on Thanksgiving and the holidays.  However, a little known secret about the 3-week period between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is that it is the perfect time to purchase a home in order to get your child into Design39Campus.  Why?



Families who want to go to Design39Campus the following school year fill out their interest form (application for the lottery) during the month of January of the preceding school year.  Those interest forms received after January 29th get added as a late add.  The lottery is conducted around March, and results are announced by April.  This procedure is very helpful to surrounding schools, as it lets families know if their kiddos get in to the school before the other Poway Schools register in May and helps a family plan out how their acceptance affects siblings not attending the school.

For those families who want to switch to Design39Campus during the school year (due to a job relocation, switching from private school to public school, the current school not being the best fit, or merely a desire to get in while there is a space open), there must be a spot open at Design39Campus in the grade level and tax district where that child resides. Search eligible tax districts.


After spending the first part of the school year at Stone Ranch Elementary School, you want your 3rd grader to transfer to Design39Campus after Winter Break.  Your child is excited about the idea of attending D39C and if you attend Stone Ranch Elementary School, your child lives in CFD 6, 4S Ranch, which is the CFD with the most amount of homes.  It just so happens there are 2 spots currently open in CFD 6 at D39C, one in 3rd grade, and one in 5th grade.  You are allowed to transfer your child to D39C and begin after the break, and your 3rd grader starts school at D39C on January 4th.

Let’s say you also have a preschooler you’d like to enter in the lottery for kindergarten. You will need to fill out an interest form (application) for your preschooler to attend D39C in the fall, however, since siblings of current students are given priority over other applicants, you don’t have to worry about whether they will both get in during the lottery process.

Add to this a family who has been renting in Carmel Valley and finds out about D39C and really wants their 3rd grader to attend.  There is a home on the market that really appeals to this family in 4S Ranch, and we help clarify for them that today, the 3rd grade spot in CFD 6 is available.  We put an offer on the home for the family.  When escrow papers are signed, you are able to grab that spot with proof that you are in escrow on a home in CFD 6 and you have a definite closing date.  Now, not only do you have a great new home, but your child has been accepted into the school.


Are you the person who has been wanting to move to Del Sur (CFD’s 14 & 15) from 4S Ranch but are in no particular rush?  Or from Del Sur to Santaluz (CFD’s 4, 8, & 12)?  Or from a different part of San Diego to The Lakes (CFD 13)?  The school deadline motivates these families to get into escrow prior to Jan. 29th.  Nothing like starting a new year in a beautiful new home and at an incredible new school. Contact us to learn more about the Boundaries Matter Map that outlines all eligible tax districts for Design39Campus or search now.kolker-boundaries-matter-map-watermarked

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