The end of the year is not the end of the school year, but a perfect time to take a minute to reflect back on the calendar year and how much has changed.

During the Design39Campus event, Race39, the school opened the worlds of 8 different cultures for the students and parents to experience. We ate great food, danced traditional dances, watched performances with gorgeous costumes and celebrated with a wonderful community.



We were also really excited to bring a new game to campus. The kids were up for the challenge of matching each of the 8  different homes to their country of origin (most were better than the parents)!



We also unveiled the Lego® wall panels we donated in the last few months of 2016. It’s been an amazing adventure watching the students interact with and learn from the donations we are able to provide because of D39C related escrows.

BRING ON 2017!

If you are curious how we have helped numerous families find Design39Campus Eligible homes in time for the application deadline, you should check out our map! The Boundaries Matter map is the only map to show the 7 CFD tax boundaries eligible to apply to the school. Download your map today!



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